Enviromentally Friendly

Sustainable houseware products that brings nature into your home and respects it.

Arit only uses wood from certified geographical areas and from forests whose reforestation is guaranteed and controlled by local regulations and verified by forestry bodies. The forests from which our wood is taken are therefore regularly regenerated.

We not only pay attention to sustainable raw materials, but also to the green management of production in the company. For packaging, we use 100% recyclable cardboard and some of it is made from organic material. We have chosen to invest in renewable energy sources to give our wooden products an extra meaning: the responsibility to bring nature into your home with all the attention to design, respect and environmental ethics.


Our focus for the environment also extends to the responsible management of energy and production waste. In 2015, our company invested in photovoltaic panels that cover 60% of the energy needs of production.


Wood waste is recovered, stored and reused as fuel for heating factories and offices. In this way we choose environmentally friendly heating to replace gas and natural gas.

Wooden furniture and accessories that respect the environment.
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