Arit produces functional wooden houseware products with a refined design, in perfect Made in Italy style.
About us

In 1955 Eugenio Caccagni founded Arredamenti Italia in Bione, in the industrious Valle Sabbia, in the province of Brescia. The artisan knowledge of woodworking evolved immediately thanks to the founder's entrepreneurial spirit and forward-looking mentality: the company thus established itself on the Italian market, and then abroad, as a manufacturer of high quality wooden houseware products and accessories for the home.

Constant investments in new technologies, in the ethical use of resources and in the study of functional and practical designs have enabled Arredamenti Italia, which became Arit in 2017, to grow and create products with a recognisable style, appreciated both in Italy and abroad. Quality, beauty and practicality are the solid roots behind our wooden houseware products: the aim is to make household chores easier and more pleasant, to improve the quality of life in the home and make your spaces more beautiful. Thanks to the patented 'Aprifacile' system, our products offer maximum convenience and comfort when in use, and can be folded away when not needed.

IL CUORE DEL LEGNO (THE HEART OF WOOD) is our pay-off that tells of our constant commitment to creating useful, functional and beautiful objects, made from the heart of the raw material and the heart of the people who produce them. The result of years of attention to detail and materials, our dedication is aimed at decorating your home, where we want you to feel truly at ease with wooden houseware products that make chores easier and everyday domestic life a pleasure.

Practical and functional wooden houseware products
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